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Omuus originates from finnish language and it means distinctive and unique.

We connect people and brands in the most intuitive way – through the senses with colors, materials and finishes. We are one of the few creative agencies in the world specializing in this field and our experienced team know how to translate trendresearch into high perceived value material and color languages for your brand. We know how to make your product stand out from the grey crowd and how to design to people´s aspirations. We know what people love tomorrow, and help your brand design to that.


We like to think ourselves as a full service house. Even though Omuus history is short, we have decades of experience behind us working with and for worlds beloved brands. We translate trend insight into high perceived value products and our material knowledge into faster time to market.  We aim to build long lasting partnerships with our customers and share the responsibility for the quality of our customer’s products from the smallest design details to setting a long term strategic direction.


Omuus looks at the world through eyes of a consumer, follow even the slightest hints of changes in peoples attitudes, behaviour, global and local aspirations and changes in different industries to understand the competition. Research insight is transformed into appealing color and material entities and strategies. Trendresearch is the compass to understand what the future will likely be, and produces meaningful information and inspiration for business decision making, to be able to invent and design relevant consumer products.


Signature color and material language communicate brand personality, so colordesign plays a role well beyond on-shelf visibility. When you add portfolio level material language and feel to this equation you develop strong brand identity. Color and material design needs to be in the core of brand strategy, not an afterthought. Correct and brand spesific color and material strategy unifies the brand and consumers in memorable way, increase brand recognition, leads to proactive portfolio planning and provides cost and time efficiency.


We create portfolios that stand out from the gray mass and appeal to consumers in specific markets. CMD strategy is cascaded into existing and new products, and the end result communicates strong brand image increasing your brand recognition. CMD collections are an effective way to create appealing marketable stories within your portfolio. As a benefit your company will have proactive portfolio planning with stronger Product Lifecycle Management (PLCM) plan and faster time to market product execution.


Creation of a portfolio level signature color- and mate¬rial palette to be implemented across brand portfolio products. Production will be efficient and less risky when a tested and validated palette is ready to be implemented, instead of having risks of developing colors within fast pace program phase. Faster time-to-market when the materials are ready and tested for production phase, increased brand recognition when color and material language used across the portfolio, proactive portfolio planning, improved visual and technical quality, achieving cost-efficiency and time savings for removing the risks from the production phase.


CMD (Color and Material Design) strategy and specifications for product launch and lifecycle CMD variants and accessories. CMD strategy takes account of all relevant aspects of the color, finish and materials for the product in order to be both appealing to the target consumer in nominated markets (global and local) and provide competitive edge for the brand. Efficiency, quality and environmental standards are founding elements for us. Omuus team is experienced working with multidisciplinary teams across concepting and product programs, supporting the massproduction, working with global suppliers and with various material technologies and creating appealing marketable stories to support the marketing.


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